Why You Shouldn't Wash Grease, Oil Or Paint Down Your Drain

Cleaning up after cooking can be a daunting task. All of that leftover grease and oil you have in your pan can easily be washed down your sink, but this may not be the best idea. Grease and oils can harden and clog your drains. Your main drain may be clogged right now with a thick layer of grease, oil, and even paint if you wash these things down your sink. [Read More]

Five Reasons For A Higher Water Bill

High water bills aren't always the result of rising rates. If your bill jumps suddenly, you may be dealing with a water leak. If you suddenly have a higher water bill, one of these problems could be the culprit. 1. Water Line Leaks A major increase in water usage over a few weeks is often a result of a leak in the water main feeding into your home. Often, this leak springs up underground first, so it can take time for other symptoms to become obvious. [Read More]

Hiring A Water Heater Repair Pro To Install A Tankless Water Heater

In your bid to make your home more energy-efficient and functional, you may decide to install the newest model of water heater. However, you realize that you lack the skills and tools to put in a tankless water heater. To ensure that it works properly and is safe to use, you can hire a tankless water heater installer. These benefits come with hiring a water heater technician who offers tankless water heater installation services for homeowners like you. [Read More]

Have You Been Neglecting Your Foundation?

If you have not paid much attention to the foundation of your home, there is a chance that it has been neglected. Unfortunately, this is the case for so many homes, even though the foundation is arguably the most important part of a home. How can you prevent foundational issues? This guide will help you repair your foundation and ensure you do not neglect it in the future. Your Home's Plumbing May Need Repairs [Read More]