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Why You Shouldn't Wash Grease, Oil Or Paint Down Your Drain

Cleaning up after cooking can be a daunting task. All of that leftover grease and oil you have in your pan can easily be washed down your sink, but this may not be the best idea. Grease and oils can harden and clog your drains. Your main drain may be clogged right now with a thick layer of grease, oil, and even paint if you wash these things down your sink. If you have a problem with a clog from grease and oils, it may be difficult to remove. Read on for more information about why you shouldn't wash grease down your sink drain.

Prevent A Clog

If you end up with a clog in your drain due to the grease and oil buildup, you could end up needing a new drainage pipe installed in your home. The old pipe could end up so clogged that even an automatic snake can't get through. This grease and oil buildup can be a big mess and create a big problem for you, especially if you end up with a backup in your home due to the clog. Prevent this from happening by cleaning up properly and by not washing these things down your drain.

Dispose Properly

Dispose of these things properly, as they can harden in your drain. Things such as grease, oil, and paint can all solidify and lead to a clog, so you need to dispose of them a different way. You can add the grease and oil to a container once it cools in the pan and dispose of it in the trash. If you have been painting and need to clean up afterward, you can rinse paint brushes with mineral oil instead of using the water in your sink. Use disposal paint roller trays that you just toss out, and any leftover paint in a paint can should be dried out before you dispose of it. Dry them out using kitty litter in the can, and then, dispose of them in the trash or take them to a hazardous waste site to be disposed of.

If your drains end up clogged because of a buildup of these things that you washed down your drain, you're going to end up needing the help of a plumber to unclog your drain or to replace your drainage pipe altogether. Call a professional residential plumbing service for help if you do end up with a problem such as this.