Hiring Great Plumbers For My Home

There Are Plumbing Things You Should Be Aware Of

Knowing your plumbing system can be tricky. This is why plumbers have to be trained to perform their duties. However, learning basics will help you avoid some problems and you can take care of some by yourself. Here are some things you should know.

Know where the shut-off valves are

You need to know where you can shut the water off when there are different issues. For example, if you have a flooding toilet, shutting off the water to it will stop the flooding while the issue is dealt with. Or, if you need to stop the water coming into the sink for any reason, then the valve under it will stop that water as well. In order to shut off the valves you need to turn the knobs on any of the valves to the right.

Find the shut-off valves. The shut-off valves in your home can be located in the following places:

  • Under each sink in all the bathrooms and in the kitchen
  • Under or next to the tank of the toilet in all the bathrooms
  • Behind appliances that are hooked up to the water system
  • Behind or next to the water heater

Find the main shut-off valve that controls all the water coming in, in these possible locations:

  • In the basement
  • In the crawlspace going under the home
  • In an outdoor building, such as a work shed
  • In the garage
  • In the yard, generally near the property line

Know how to deal with clogs

You are going to need to have a proper understanding of clogs in order to both prevent them and to take proper care of any you do end up with. Here are some things to understand:

Pipes don't go straight — All of the pipes in your home don't go straight for very long. Instead, they take turns in order to get from point A to point B. Each turn brings about the chance for things to get caught up where they cause a clog. Also, there are turns near the drains and there are areas where the circumference of the plumbing gets smaller.

Certain things lead to clogs — Some things can also lead to clogs, such as grease that cools on its way down and creates a sticky residue on the pipes or hair that gathers in the drains of baths and showers.

There are tools to help free clogs — Plungers can free clogs in toilets and sinks some of the time. Also, plumbing snakes can dislodge ones further in the system. There are handheld plumbing devices that can be used in sink and tub drains to pull out hair. A shop vac can also be used to suck clogs out of the drain.


When you have any doubts whatsoever about your ability to take care of plumbing problems, you always want to call a plumber. There are many ways you can make problems a lot worse by trying to repair plumbing issues you know nothing about.

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