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4 Signs The Main Sewer Drain Is Clogged

The occasional clogged drain somewhere in your house is normal. For example, the bathtub may become sporadically clogged due to hair going down the drain. But if you notice you are having drain problems in multiple areas throughout your home on a regular basis, you may be dealing with a main sewer drain clog. Here are four signs your main sewer drain is probably clogged.  

1. Every Drain Is Problematic

Putting grease down your kitchen drain is not a good thing, but doing so isn't likely to cause an issue in your toilet. If your kitchen is draining slowly, the toilet is making gurgling noises, and the bathtub and bathroom sinks have stinky water backing up, you may have a problem with your main sewer drain. Every water fixture in your home connects to the main sewer drain. A clog there will affect every other drain in your home.

2. The Sewer Clean-Out Is Full

Outside your home is a pipe that comes out of the ground. This pipe may be difficult to find, but look around the perimeter of your home and you will find it eventually. Often, it is located on the street side of the house, but you may also find it outside the main bathroom. Rarely, you will find the sewer clean-out in the basement.

Once you locate the sewer cleanout, check to see if there is raw sewage bubbling out and pooling around the opening. The soil may be wet in comparison to the surrounding soil. You may also smell the foul odor of sewage.

3. Sewage Is Coming Up Through the Floor Drain

Check your basement floor drains. Normally, these drains are only used in the event of a flood or other emergency, such as your water heater bursts. Sometimes, the washing machine drain will utilize a floor drain. If you smell or see sewage in the basement floor drains, you have a main sewer drain clog that needs to be addressed right away before you end up with a big, stinky mess.

4. Flushing the Toilet Causes Backup in Other Drains

Flushing the toilet should not cause your bathtub to fill with water. Running the washing machine may also cause similar problems in your drains. The wastewater from the toilet and washing machine will back up into other drains if the main sewer drain is clogged because it has nowhere else to go.

If you suspect your main sewer drain is clogged, don't delay contacting a plumber who offers drain cleaning services. They can clean your main sewer drain before the problem becomes catastrophic.