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Is There Leginella Or E. Coli In Your Water?

Bacteria is everywhere. There is some bacteria that aids in digestion or that will protect you from other diseases. There is other bacteria that can make you very ill. Some bacteria is found in your drinking water. The question is: "should I worry about the type of bacteria in my water supply?" If your water contains legionella or E. Coli, you should be concerned about your water.

How Harmful Bacteria Enters Your Water

These harmful forms of bacteria can get into the water through human and animal waste that has contaminated the water supply. Humans and animals who have their digestive systems infected by these bacteria can have the bacteria left behind in their stools. 

Weaknesses in Your Water Delivery System

Ideally, your water system should protect your water from contamination. However, runoff can carry waste into septic systems. Wells can also have leaks that cause waste to enter the water supply. Old water systems can also degrade sometimes and cause waste to seep in. During a flood, bacterial contamination can be at its worst because the floodwater becomes a breeding ground for bacteria.

Risks of E. Coli and Legionella

E. Coli and legionella are of particular concern because they can survive in a wide variety of environments. If you believe that your water has been contaminated by these bacteria, make sure to drink bottled water instead. Another option is to boil your water before using it. 

Health Effects of Legionella

One of the main threats of legionella is that it can cause Legionnaire's disease. This leads to symptoms such as fever, cough, chills, and muscle aches. If you believe that you have been exposed to legionella and you are suffering from these symptoms, you'll want to contact your doctor as soon as possible. 

Health Effects of E. Coli

If you drink water that contains E. Coli, this could lead to severe intestinal problems and illness. Therefore, you'll want to find out what is causing the contamination of your water so you can correct this problem. When you discover E. Coli or legionella in the water, this can be a serious concern not only for the presence of bacteria but also for the fact that they can be a sign of other harmful contaminants in the water. For this reason, it's important to contact water quality testing services to have your water tested to make sure that it is safe to drink. 

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