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4 Plumbing Solutions To Make Your Home More Energy-Efficient With Renovations

There may be different types of renovations that you are considering to make your home more energy-efficient. One of the areas where you may want to consider improvements is the plumbing system in your home. There are many solutions that can help make your plumbing more energy-efficient, such as renewable energy and low-consumption fixtures. Here are some plumbing solutions for your energy-efficient renovations.

1. Insulated Pipes to Reduce Problems with Thermal Energy Loss

The pipes in your home can be the source of a lot of energy loss. This energy loss can be reduced by something as simple as insulating your water lines. The water lines on exterior walls should all be insulated, and the hot water pipes throughout your home should be insulated as well to improve energy efficiency.

2. Renewable Energy and Efficient Water Heater Solutions for Household Plumbing

Today, renewable energy can be used for many different systems in your home. The use of renewable energy design can include the installation of solar collectors that provide water heaters with thermal energy. In addition to solar collectors, there are also many options for efficient water heaters that will help reduce the energy consumption of household plumbing. These water heaters include tankless and heat pump designs, as well as biomass boilers, which will help reduce the energy needed to provide your home with hot water. 

3. Installing Water Resource Collection and Recycling Systems for Household Plumbing

Installing water resources can be a great way to reduce water consumption and energy loss. There are many options for these types of systems, such as greywater recycling used for outdoor irrigation or for flushing toilets inside your home. There are also options for rain collection systems that can give you clean water for many uses around your home.

4. Upgrading Household Plumbing Fixtures to Reduce Energy Loss and Water Consumption

The household plumbing fixtures in your home can also be improved to reduce energy loss and improve efficiency. Low-flow fixtures like sinks and faucets in bathrooms and kitchens reduce water consumption and energy waste. In the bathroom, you may want to also consider upgrading the toilet and showerheads for more efficient plumbing.

These are some plumbing solutions that will help with energy-efficient home renovations. If you are ready to make your home more efficient, contact a plumbing services contractor and talk to them about some of these improvements for the plumbing in your home.