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Understanding Leaks From the Main Water Supply Line

Plumbing leaks can sometimes occur in the home, and other times they appear outside your house. Outside leaks can occur in a pipe called the main water supply line. Keep reading to learn a bit about this pipe and the signs of a main water supply line leak.

What Is The Main Water Supply Line?

The main water supply line, as the name suggests, is the main water line that runs from the road to your home. This piping that sits before your water meter and just after it is often called the main or the service line, and it supplies water to the home through the other smaller supply pipes. This main water supply line is the largest one in your house and is either three-quarters of an inch or one inch in diameter. 

The main water supply line holds water with significant pressure, and this pressure reduces as it moves through the other pipes in your home. This high pressure is one reason why the pipe will sometimes form leaks and small holes. Depending on the age of your home and the placement of the main, it may be made out of several different materials. Some older pipes are made from galvanized steel, and newer ones are often formed from copper. In some cases, the large pipe may also be a PVC variety.

What Are The Signs Of A Main Water Supply Line Leak?

There are a wide variety of signs that you may see if a main water supply line has broken or formed a leak. The signs depend on the location of the leak as well. For example, if a hole forms close to where the main pipe meets the road, then you may see some water pouring into the street and collecting in a nearby drain.

If your leak occurs somewhere between the road and your home, then you may see large wet spots on your property. This water may collect and form puddles, or it may simply accumulate and cause the ground to remain soggy. If the hole is close to your house, then much of this water may run into your home through your foundation, so your basement is likely to be quite wet.

In addition to the appearance of water, you may see your water bill rising substantially, and water pressure will likely reduce a great deal. You may also notice air bubbles in your water. If the problem continues and worsens, water pressure may drop to the point that very little water comes out of your faucets.

If you want to know more about main water supply line leaks and the signs of a leak, speak with a plumbing professional like the ones at Travers Plumbing & Heating Inc