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Signs That You Might Have A Broken Pipe At Your House

If you've ever witnessed a broken or busted pipe in the movies, the scene is usually extremely dramatic. Water quickly fills up the lower levels of a home and the residents eventually find themselves up on the roof, desperately hoping that a helicopter will come by and save them from the flood that has taken over their house. These kinds of cinematic antics make for great entertainment, but they don't really prepare you for what it's really like to have a broken pipe in your own living quarters. The situation is often much subtler, and if you aren't careful, you could completely miss the signs. Check out some of the incidents you can expect to happen when you have a busted pipe in your home.

Your Water Bill Begins To Skyrocket

As long as you use your water in pretty much the same way each month, there really is no reason for your bill to take a sharp turn upward. After all, you and the other members of your household probably won't suddenly decide to double or triple the number of showers that you take or decide that it's best to flush the toilets way more than you do at the time.

Paying attention to your water bill is an excellent way for you to determine if there is a broken pipe in your home. The hole in the pipe might be very small but it doesn't take much for water to start oozing out. That excess water usage is going to be costly, and when your water expenses start becoming much more expensive than they have been in the past, you might want to let a plumber come out and perform an inspection.

Changes In Your Water Pressure

Feeling that pounding, hot water hit your body each morning when you take a shower can be quite energizing. It's very unsettling to step into your bathing area and expect to experience that warm blast, only to find that the water pressure has all but vanished. Even if the change isn't quite as drastic, you should still let a professional take a look at your plumbing system. This could be a key indicator that there is a broken pipe lurking behind the walls.

The moment you suspect that a pipe has burst in your house, it's time to act. Let a plumber come out and perform pipe repair services to fix the issue before any other damage can occur.