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3 Plumbing Upgrades To Make ASAP

If your home suffers from water pressure problems or if you feel like your fixtures make your home look old and outdated, it is time to consider making some plumbing upgrades. Not only will plumbing upgrades make your home more comfortable, but they can also prevent more significant issues in the future. Here are a few upgrades you should make as soon as possible.

1. Replace Plumbing Systems That Use Galvanized Steel 

It is very common for older homes to have plumbing systems that use galvanized steel. Galvanized steel plumbing can cause a host of issues, such as poor water pressure and uneven water distribution throughout your home. In severe cases, galvanized steel plumbing systems can cause your water to become discolored or even start to leak.

The reason that galvanized steel causes so many issues is that over time, the inside of the pipes rust, causing disrupting buildup. This buildup can hamper your water flow or even prevent water from traveling to a portion of your home.

You can replace old galvanized steel pipes with copper or plastic pipes. The best option depends on your water needs and your specific preferences.

2. Swap Old Faucets, Shower Heads, and Fixtures for Newer Models

If your home contains the original fixtures, you should upgrade them to newer models. There are a few reasons to upgrade these items. Older faucets and shower heads tend to be less environmentally friendly; they may use more water than is necessary or leak.

Many homeowners also prefer the aesthetics of newer fixtures. You can select the style and tone that suits your home. You can even pick fixtures with convenient features, such as touch-less water faucets or shower heads that permit you to select from multiple water flow speeds.

3. Upgrade Your Hot Water Heater

For many homes, the power used to heat its water is one of the largest sources of energy consumption. If you have an old hot water heater, upgrading it to a newer model can decrease your energy bills and increase the quality of life for your family. Old hot water heaters can also lose their pressure, causing water to leak into your home.

When everyone in your home needs to take a shower, it may be common for the last individual to have to take a lukewarm shower. You can prevent this from happening by replacing your hot water heater with a model that has a larger storage capacity for hot water or one that can instantly produce hot water when needed. Talk to your plumber to explore your options regarding certain plumbing installation upgrades.