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Two Signs You Need To Have Your Main Drain Cleaned

A poorly functioning main drain means that raw sewage could be coming into your home. Often, problems that begin small can become a major issue if you don't catch the initial signs of an issue. The following are two indications that your main sewer drain could be in for an imminent backup if you don't call for a line inspection and sewer cleaning as soon as possible.

#1: You smell rotten eggs

Sewer gases smell a lot like rotten eggs. When the main line is draining poorly, gases may get trapped and bubble back up the drain. You may smell sewage near the main drain, or it may come up the other drains in your home, such as the sinks or bathtub. Sometimes the odor bubbles up from the toilet after flushing. It's vital you have the drain checked, since odors coming up the drain are a very early sign of blockage, so you may be able to have the drain cleared quickly and inexpensively. In some cases, you may not even have a drain blockage. Main drains have a float installed that acts as a plug to prevent sewer gas escape. If this plug is damaged or jammed, then simply having it repaired may also solve your issues.

#2: Multiple clogs

An occasionally clogged sink or overflowing toilet is usually a problem specific to that appliance's drain. A quick plunging or snaking of the afflicted drain should remedy this issue. On the other hand, if you have multiple fixtures suffering from clogged drains, the problem may be a little bit further down the line. This is especially true if plunging and snaking doesn't seem to be doing much to fix the problem. As debris constricts the main drain, the other drains in your home can't drain quickly enough. This may not be a problem when only one drain is in use, but you may suffer slow movement if you try to drain two items—such as running the dishwasher while flushing the toilet—at the same time. In the worst-case scenario, the main drain may actually back up into your basement, dumping dirty water and possibly sewage into your home. If the drain isn't completely blocked, this may only be a small amount of water that drains again quickly.

The key to avoiding major backups and the cleaning and repairs that come along with them is to have the drains inspected as soon as you notice the smallest issues.