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3 Important Things To Know Or Do While Waiting For A Plumber

Are you getting ready to move into your own house or apartment for the first time? Do you know what to do if you should experience an emergency issue with the plumbing? If you have a landlord, you should obviously contact him or her as per your rental agreement. If you've actually purchased your own house, you'll need to contact a professional to repair the problem. Whichever applies to you, however, you'll still have to wait for the plumber to actually arrive. Doing the right things can prevent damage and, if applicable, help to ensure that you get your full deposit back when you move out. Some of these things include:

Learn where the shutoff valves are: If you own your own home, you should know where the external shutoff valve is and how to use it to shut off the water while you wait for the plumber to arrive. If you live in an apartment rental, you're not going to be allowed to shut off water to all of the other units just because there is an issue with your unit. But your kitchen and bathroom sinks and the toilet all have their own individual shut-off valves that you can use to shut off the water to each individual fixture as appropriate.

Have old towels/linens on hand: Whether you're dealing with a burst pipe or a toilet that's overflowed, there is going to be water that needs to be cleaned up. The longer this water sits in place, the more damage that is likely to occur. While you wait for the plumber to arrive, you should do what you can to clean up the mess. Having at least a few old towels and other linens available means that you won't have to ruin your good stuff by using it to soak up raw sewage. If you haven't got any old towels, visit a local thrift store to find something appropriate.

Contact your insurance company: Although you may not have flood coverage on your insurance policy, some policies will cover things like burst pipes anyway. It may depend on what caused the issue in the first place. In some instances, you may be able to get your stuff replaced and have the plumber paid for by the insurance company. In other instances, your insurance company may only do one or the other. Whether you rent or own your home, contacting your insurance company can be a good idea.

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