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Three Reasons To Replace The Old Plumbing In Your Home

If you have an older plumbing system in your home, you may be wondering when it's time to replace it. You don't want to do it before it's needed, of course, because it's going to cost money. But when the time comes, replacing the old plumbing is going to be worth the investment. Here are three signs that it is time to replace the old plumbing in your home:

  1. ‚ÄčThe Water Does Not Run Clear: If the water isn't running clear in your home, this is obviously a concern. Most likely, the plumbing pipes are corroded, which happens with age. The water will be brownish in color, and it's simply not good for health. On top of this, your pipes are going to be more likely to build up sediment, which are then going to lead to more chances of a clog. When this happens, since your pipes are in a more weakened state, the chances of the pipes bursting from the clog is more likely, as well. Replacing the plumbing in your home is vital at this point to avoid some serious water damage. 
  2. The Water Smells: If the water smells, this is another cause for concern. This usually happens when there is a heavy amount of bacteria buildup in the pipes. The smell is usually similar to the smell of eggs. If you notice this, you want to have the plumbing system in your home evaluated. You might just need to have the pipes cleaned. However, if the bacteria buildup is bad, then replacement is definitely something to consider. 
  3. There Is Mold or Water Damage: Finally, if you notice any mold or water damage, you need to have the plumbing system replaced. This is usually an indication of an unnoticed leak in the pipes that will have caused issues with the rest of the plumbing system. You will notice this if you see any brown spots under the sink or anywhere in the bathroom or kitchen. Having regular plumbing inspections is another way to ensure that these issues are caught. 

These are three reasons why replacing the old plumbing in your home is going to be worth it. Be sure that you hire a professional plumber for the inspection and replacement to ensure that the job is done right. This is going to resolve the problems with the old plumbing system in your home, which can even resolve problems with high water bills, and more.