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Is Your Sewer Line Clogged? Some Signs You Should Look For

Your sewer line is one of the most essential components of your household plumbing. It causes problems when the line becomes clogged or damaged. For example, running your washing machine may cause your toilet to overflow. A clogged sewer line can stop all household plumbing activity. Read on to find out what signs you should look for.

Problems With Multiple Drains Backing Up

It may start out with your bathtub, toilet and sinks draining slowly. You also may hear a gurgling noise when flushing the toilet. When you have multiple fixtures affected, it is usually an indication of a clogged sewer line. You have to call out a plumber to see what is causing the problem.

If you are hearing gurgling noises, then tree roots may be the blame for the blockage. You should check for trees near your sewer line. It is common for the tree roots to grow into your plumbing. Regardless of the cause, the plumber has to unclog your pipes.  

Must Constantly Use The Plunger

It is a sign if having to constantly unclog your toilet. The real clog is further down in your drainage system. This is why your toilet keeps clogging and the plunger dose not help.

Check The Sewer Clean Out

A sewer clean out gives you access to your sewer line. It is usually a black or white pipe with a threaded cap. The cleanout is located along the side of your house. If you find one, then you want to take the cap off the pipe. Sewer water sitting or flowing out of the pipe are signs of a clog.

Prepare In Advance

Homeowners can benefit from regular drain cleaning. This service allows a professional to look at your sewer system. Your plumber may can catch a small repair before it becomes a serious repair.

There are different types of drain cleaning methods. It usually depends on the type of clog and how thorough you want the cleaning. Some companies use a device similar to a power washer. These types of devices use highly pressurized water to remove grime.  The power washer is put inside of your drain to release the blockage. It also removes debris on the side of your pipes, which prevents clogs in the future.

If something is wrong with your sewage system, then you should not try to guess the problem. It helps to contact an experienced plumber about your main sewer line. You can also visit websites like https://terryrossplumbing.com.