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Easy Ways Of Getting Rid Of Cooking Oil So It Doesn't End Up In The Drain

You should not pour cooking oil down the drain. Cooking oil doesn't mix with water; it will float on top of the sewer effluent, harden and clog your drain pipes. It's even worse if you have a septic system because the oil will interfere with the biodegradation of the effluent in the septic tank. Here are some of the alternative ways of cooking oil disposal:

Reuse the Oil

You don't have to get rid of oil remains every time you cook, or fry food and some oils remain. If you are planning to fry again in the near future, you can save the remains for future use. This is as simple as filtering the oil to remove food crumbs and storing it in an airtight container. The oil will be safe to use as long as it doesn't smell rancid the next time you are using it.

Pour the Oil in Non-Recyclable Bags

If you don't want to reuse the oil or you don't plan on frying anything in the near future, you can pour the oil in non-recyclable bags and dispose of the bags just like any other garbage. Just remember to let the oil cool first because hot oil is a health hazard.

Freeze the Oil for Easy Disposal

If you don't have non-recyclable bags for disposing of the oil, you can freeze it and dispose of it without bagging it. This is possible because liquid oil solidifies allowing you to break it into small pieces and dispose of it just like other organic liquids.

Feed the Animals with It

Human beings aren't the only ones who eat cooking oil; other animals such as birds, dogs, and cats also feed on cooking oil. In this case, you also need to freeze the oil to solidify it first to that you can break it down into little crumbs. Mix a few of the crumbs with your bird feed or spread a few of them on your pet food to give some extra calories to the animals.

Wipe Off the Oil with Absorbent Materials

If you are only dealing with a little cooking oil and grease, then you don't need to pour it into containers. You just need an absorbent container that you won't mind discarding, such as disposable towels or newspaper. Pour the oil onto the disposable material or use the material to wipe off the oil and then discard them as usual.

Call a drain cleaning service as soon as possible if your drain system is already clogged with oil or grease. The plumber will flush and clean the system to prevent further complications.