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Need A New Hot Water Tank? Get A Ground Source Option

If your hot water tank stopped working and you want to replace it with something that is efficient and that will benefit your home, you want to look into different options that have a geothermal heat source. You can talk with a local plumber to have your old unit removed and to see if you could benefit from getting a new efficient unit. These are some of the things that you want to consider if you want to switch to a ground source geothermal unit. 

Use Thermal Options

A geothermal heat pump is an efficient and affordable way to get hot water. The heat pump will pull heat from the ground around your home, or the atmosphere, and then use that heat to get your water to the desired temperature. Depending on the climate where your property is located, and the season, this could be a main source of hot water and heat throughout the year. If not, you want to have a backup option.

Have a Backup Gas Option

Talk with your plumber about getting a geothermal hot water tank that also has a backup gas option, so if the temperatures drop, you can still get the hot water that you need for the home. This is worth the extra cost so you always know that you can get hot water throughout the house, and as much of it as you need.

Install Multiple Units

The more geothermal units you have around the house, the more efficient the system will be. You can have these installed under the main sink in the kitchen and in the areas where water goes directly to the showers to make the system as efficient as it can be. There are benefits to installing multiple units, and the plumber can tell you what options are best.

Geothermal water heating option an efficient one, even if you may need to have a back up system just in case. There are a lot of different models that you can get for your home when you need a hot water heater, and your plumber can work with you, to find what works for your area and also in your budget. Talk with the plumbing professional about tax breaks that you can get for purchasing an energy efficient unit, or to see if you will quality for any type of rebate when you purchase and install a ground source hot water tank.