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3 Types Of Water Treatment To Consider For Your Hotel Establishment

For the most part, a lot of business owners look at water treatment as an unnecessary expense. However, water treatment can be one of those extra little things you have to offer that puts you a step in front of the rest of your competitors, especially in the hotel industry. When you are in the business of making people feel at home, you need to make sure they are safe and comfortable at every level. Here is a look at three types of water treatment to consider for your hotel establishment and why they could be good for business. 

Water Softening

Hard water is not something to play around with. This water, which is heavily laced with mineral composites, can cause problems with your plumbing fixtures, make it super hard to clean your tubs and showers effectively, and can even change the taste of food. Having a water softening system in your hotel will help change all of this so you can better serve the people who come see you for an overnight visit. They won't end up with filmy feeling skin after showers, bedding that feels stiff, or unsightly stains in the hotel room bathroom.

On-Demand Water Filtration

Pretend that you are a guest coming to your hotel for a visit. You are likely from out of town, not familiar with the area, and just want to rest while in the room. But, you want a drink of water, so you go to the sink in the room to get a cup of water. Do you know what is coming from the tap? Do you feel safe drinking it? Having an on-demand water filtration system in the room is an awesome way to ensure the guests in those rooms feel right at home when they reach for a glass of water from the tap. 

Water Dechlorination

Chlorine is one of the most common things added to public water supplies. Chlorine is used as a decontaminant or sterilizer of sorts to kill off harmful bacteria so the water is safer to consume. The only downfall to this is the public water system sometimes provides water to your place of business that smells of bleach, which is not very appetizing. If you live in an area where the public water coming from your taps smells too much like chlorine, it is definitely wise to consider a water dechlorination system for the entire hotel. This water system uses potassium metabisulfite to neutralize the chlorine. 

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