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Call The Plumber: Water Conservation Tips

You may have your favorite plumber on speed dial right now; after all you never know when a a leak or a clog could mean an emergency call. You don't have to wait for a problem to occur to consult with this expert in all things flowing beneath your home however, they also stand ready to help you save money and protect the environment. Read on to learn more about some positive reasons to make that call to your plumber.

Install a tankless system: Why have water heated in a traditional water heater only to let it sit until needed? A tankless hot water system provides quick heating on demand, and only when you need it. You'll save energy and money, since there's no need to heat water all day and night. Talk to your plumber about a variety of tankless systems and find one that's right for you.

Consider using greywater: Many people have heard this term, but have been unsure of its meaning. All water that flows down your house drains are categorized using a color system. You cannot use blackwater for anything, since that is the most hazardous and dirty water that comes from your toilets and the sink. It just goes to your local wastewater treatment plant to get treated. Greywater, on the other hand, can be useful for things like lawn care, toilet flushing and more. This is water that is left over after washing clothes and taking showers and baths. Your plumber can install a system that directs this relatively clean water into a tank where it waits to be used.

More Conservation Tips

1. Leaky pipes can impact our environment as well as your pocketbook, so make it a habit to check for leaks every once in a while. Check your water meter and note the number, then don't use any water at all for about an hour. Go back and check the meter after an hour or so. If the number is different, call a plumber because you have a leak somewhere.

2. Running toilets are not only annoying, but are a waste of our valuable resources. In most cases, the fix is simple: replace the fill valves and flappers.

3. To step up water conservation, install a high-efficiency toilet. Speak with your plumber about these new toilets that use less water but provide ample flushing by using pressure.

4. Install timers on your lawn irrigation system to avoid over-watering.

Ask a business like Mike Hensley Plumbing Inc about other options to reduce your use of water today.